CTRL+SKY counter-drone system

Ctrl+Sky is a military-grade drone detection and neutralization system. Ctrl+Sky can be integrated with existing control and management systems. Main use fields are airports, critical infrastructures, military and government, prisons etc.

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How Ctrl+Sky drone detection and neutralization systems works

Ctrl+Sky is a multi-layer counte-drone system, that can detect, track and neutralize drones in the protected area. The protected area is defined by the user and can be easily adjusted for the user needs. Ctrl+Sky is a cost-effective starting from the software to hardware – mainly because of patented technology and multi-layer detection.

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System components

3D radar

  • Detects all commercial and hobby drones
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Gives drone's exact location, height, trajectory and speed
  • Minimalizes false alarms
  • MIMO radar technology
  • MHT (Multi Hypothesis Tracking) algorithm

RF+acoustic sensor

  • Suitable for urban areas
  • Early detection – no need for direct line of sight
  • Gives the acoustical signals direction
  • Object classification (drones and no-drones)

Visual sensor

  • PTZ camera gives visual confirmation of the drone
  • Object classification based on Machine Learning
  • Camera aims to the drone based on the radar information


  • Enables to interfere the signal between drone and control panel
  • Interfering drones flying without operator – GNSS jamming
  • Works on (GNSS): GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou; L1, L2, L5, 2.4/5.8GHz
  • Option to add other bands
  • Jamming power 5-10W, can be attenuated

Ctrl+Sky CyView software

  • Monitoring of drones, detection from sensors and camera all in one screen
  • All sensors monitoring and status
  • Controlling jamming options (automated/manual)
  • SMS and e-mail notifications – systems alerts (visual and sound)
  • User management
  • Protected area definition and sensors configurations in the application
  • Dynamical system positioning (mobile version)
  • Open API

Ctrl+Sky drone detection and neutralization system is available in three options:

Ctrl+Sky stationary

Ctrl+Sky stationary version is designed for constant monitoring and protection of the predefined area. The system is installed on a special mast on high grounds and at an optimal location (the installation location will be selected by further analysis and mapping) for the best detection rate. Stationary system enables to integrate different cameras in to the system. Ctrl+Sky also has a server that is used for data and system management. Standard stationary system consists of four radar panels (each 90deg sector), PTZ rotatory camera, RF+acoustic sensor and jammer.

Ctrl+Sky portable

Ctrl+Sky portable version is designed for easy, fast and comfortable installation and use. Instead of the installation mast light-weight and functional tripods are used. Portable system is preferred to use at public events, sport events, festivals etc. The portable version has a battery pack that enables to use the system in areas where power supply is limited.

Ctrl+Sky mobile

Ctrl+Sky mobile drone detection and neutralization system in mounted on a vehicle for fast and effective response. Mobile version is designed for moving units for big events or critical situations, mainly directed to border protection. The system is capable of detecting drones in all weather conditions, day and night.

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Extra downloads

Brochure 2019 (pdf) Catalogue 2019 (pdf)

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Official distributor

ˇTehnoturg-T Raadiosidekeskus

For further details and information on legislation and coordination contact us so that we could help you fill out the necessary applications that are needed to use the system. We will help you map the area and analyze your needs to offer you the best value for money.